Welcome to the blog of the Maryland Dream Weavers! We are a critique group committed to supporting each other in our writing endeavors. I can’t stress how important it is for writers to have a critique group or at the very least a critique partner to review their work. This group has been invaluable in helping me through many, many rewrites of my novel, always patiently reading the numerous revisions and offering constructive feedback. We often disagree, but we are comfortable enough that we can share our opinions with each other in a constructive way, leaving the writer to decide how to proceed. I’m thrilled to say that our group now has two published authors (okay, I’m one of them, so that’s even more exciting), but I doubt my book would have made it without all the input I received from other members in the group. We have writers who are submitting novels to agents and publishers, some who are getting close to completing novels, and some who are still in process. But we all have something to offer the group, and we hope to use this blog to share our ideas to help other writers on their journey and provide some insight into this strange world we inhabit.