I have opinions and feelings and points of view about everything that happens around me.  I want to make an imprint on the world I leave my children.  What better way than to write?    Whether or not anyone agrees with me, what I write may at least make them think.

Which raises the question: why write fiction?  Some of my friends look down on fiction.  It’s not scholarly enough for their tastes, or they mistakenly view fiction and fact as antithetical.  I disagree.  As a fiction writer I revere facts, but I prefer ideas and values.   I’d rather write something people can relate to on an emotional level, through the voices of characters they feel are talking directly to them.  Perhaps more to the point, I’m no longer sure what nonfiction is these days, when almost everything has a spin.  Is it a history book?  A science text?  A daily newspaper?  I’d rather write fiction and honestly label it as such.

(Alan Zendell)