Some people have commented that the dystopian view of 22nd century America I presented in “The Portal” is a bit dark. Please note that in a CNN poll released today, 48% of Americans polled said they expected the country to slip into a new Great Depression within the coming year. I have no idea whether the people responding to the poll have the vaguest notion of what a Great Depression actually is, but I’m pretty sure they know it’s a bad thing and it means they have very little confidence in the country’s leadership.

Just like Grandpa told Harry it happened.

And last evening, for the first time, I finally heard a senior meteorologist on the Weather Channel acknowledge that we are on the cusp of an “abrupt climate change,” meaning that in the space of a couple of years we will have experienced a permanent change in climate patterns that includes hotter summers and more violent weather in general.  As the North American agricultural zone shifts sharply northward, Grandpa may truly turn over in his grave over the plight of dispossessed Americans becoming migrant Canadian farmworkers.

Alan Zendell