Can’t you see?

The senselessness of greed.

To the departed, gold, money, and property amount to nothing.

For when you died, you died alone.

True wealth comes from only the memories and the legacy you leave behind.

Why must you value much which means so little?

Do you not see it?

The wastefulness of war.

Understand the difference between gripping a weapon and embracing a loved one.

Why must you kill to live?

All life wants to live its cycle.

Why must you use might, instead of valor?

Why can’t you see?

Cherish the existence around you.

It’s within your five senses.

Just breathe and you’ll see.

Why can’t you do that?

I can see your vices.

I know when you are vain, instead of being modest.

I notice when you are swayed by pride, instead of being proud.

I pity you when you resort to lies, instead of accepting the truth.

I grieve when I see you killing, instead of living.

Earth can be heaven or hell.

Your life dictates your path.

Please see.

Stop flailing in emptiness.

Look up and take hold.

Or just gaze upon.

Can you see it?

Can you see the light?

Can you see me?

Written by Rodney Weekes

Published in “The Bright Line” Volume III, Number 1, spring 2007