Six modern length novels is a heck of a lot of words.

The Lost Fleet is a military science fiction series set in a universe with two human civilizations – The Alliance and the Syndicate Worlds (Syndics). These two civilizations have been at war for 100 years now, and there is a considerable amount of fatigue and desperation on both sides.

Enter the story’s protagonist, Captain John “Black Jack” Geary. He was present, and in command, during the first military confrontation at the very beginning of the war. In that battle, his ship was destroyed, but he managed to get to an escape pod. Unfortunately, the pod’s communications were damaged and so he was forced to go into cryogenic suspended animation. His pod drifted, slowly running down. Just days before the story opens, an Alliance fleet stumbles across it while in transit to what is hoped to be a decisive blow against the Syndic capital system.

In the 100 years that he has been asleep, much has changed in the universe – and this gives the author plenty of opportunities to show us what has happened. Pay careful attention to what is going on because some of the main story arc’s most important details are revealed in dribs an drabs throughout the books. Much of the text concerns the battles fought between The Alliance and the Syndics, but there is also a bit of mystery, very nearly a galactic detective story, that was refreshingly subtle compared to the sledge hammer pounding of victory-or-death combat.

One of the aspects of the story that I found most interesting, was how the author explored notions of honor and right-vs-wrong in a society that has been at war for an entire century. The use of torture and the waging of war against unarmed civilians are not theoretical exercises to Captain Geary and his people.

I enjoyed the series tremendously and am looking forward to the follow-0n series “Beyond the Frontier.”