If you didn’t like the anthropomorphic talking cars from the original movie, it is highly unlikely that you will like the sequel because in one sense, it’s just more of the same. However, if you thought the talking cars were cute, but found the plot lacking then it is entirely possible that you might enjoy the sequel. If, like me, you enjoyed the original then there is a very good chance that you will like this one.

While the first movie was very much an introduction to the universe of the living, talking cars, the plot itself was very small scale and intimate: many scenes consisted of just two characters talking. The second movie is the same world, but the story is much larger scale – James Bond scale. Yes, jetting-around-the-globe-and-saving-the-world James Bond scale.

Now, I won’t kid you, the plot is a little silly and somewhat far-fetched, but then, this is ostensibly a kids movie that we’re talking about. It isn’t entirely a kids movie – the underlying themes are serious enough to challenge anyone. But, since it is primarily a kids movie, the best way to approach it is to embrace your inner kid and just enjoy the silliness.

I very much enjoyed the movie. The cars are still cute, but we get to see more of their world – and Pixar did an outstanding job of filling in little details that make it really come alive. Visually, this is a beautiful film – again, thanks to the artists at Pixar. The thing that I most appreciated was something that really surprised me. If you want to know what it was, send me an email – I’m not big on spoilers.