I was watching the Baltimore Ravens beat the Texans the other day, and for some unknown reason my mind wandered to a modern fantasy story that I enjoy – Princess of Wands by John Ringo (Baen). This is one of several stories in which faith and worship are the source of the magical energy deities use.

This begs the question – in such a universe, where does the magical power generated by sports fans go? I know that some of you are vehemently claiming that being a sports fan is nothing like worshiping a deity. To that, I say: hogwash! When it’s fourth and goal, even the most rabid atheist prays to the gods of football.

Thinking about my question, I went back over other stories that I believe fit into this same category. I can only think of two others at the moment – the Incarnations of Immortality books by Piers Anthony and the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher. I don’t recall any mention of sports in the Dresden stories and it’s been too long since I read the Incarnations books.

If anyone reading this can think of another modern fantasy story that falls into this category, please post a comment. Especially if they have any mentions of sports.

In the meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel to the John Ringo novel. Queen of Wands has been announced with an August 7, 2012 release date.

Go Ravens!