I met Giovanni Gelati through Goodreads.com.  Giovanni is really working to help authors get their work in front of interested readers. He has already hosted two hour-long radio interviews (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gelatisscoop) for me and fellow writer Cindy Young-Turner.
Giovanni also runs Trestle Press (http://www.trestlepresspublishing.com) which made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Trestle will publish all of my short stories as ebooks, each with it’s own cover. All I had to do was select the images I wanted. Giovanni purchased the licenses to use them and created the covers at no cost to me.  In addition to posting the stories on all the major e-retail sites, he provides editing and marketing services, collects sales revenues from sellers, and pays me my share on a regular basis. He does all this for a reasonable percentage of the revenue. Even the contract was simple and efficient.
My first story “A Boy and His Dog – an Unfinished Love Story” was posted on Amazon on March 2nd. After spending all of 2011 trying to figure out how to solve the marketing puzzle for my novels, this is the best offer I’ve found.

Thanks, Giovanni!