This writer especially. Down with the old ways.  More guest posts and blog tours.  Bite the bullet and use social media the way my kids do.  With a little gentle urging from Trestle Press (Giovanni Gelati) I’m doing just that.

I’m also trying a new approach to getting my writing out there.  Working with Trestle, I’m going to serialize Element 42, a novel I’ve been working on for several years.  The truth is that in this market, it’s too long for traditional science fiction publishing, but this book means too much to me not to find a way to make it available to readers.  I plan to have the first installment ready by the end of July, and we’re going to release new ones every three weeks thereafter.

So get ready to meet Steve and Brock (a benevolent alien), and the Luugs (some not so benevolent aliens).  And you’ll see telepathy and telekinetics in action, not just as parlor tricks, but as powerful means of communication that are sometimes good and sometimes dangerous.  Mostly, get ready to search for the meaning of life for humanity.  Element 42 dares to ask some tough questions: how did we get here? Does God exist?  It even proposes some answers.

After three science fiction novels and a political thriller, I’ve also decided to write something different.  I know Giovanni will approve.  I recently published A Boy and His Dog – An Unfinished Love Story, a short memoir about…well, the title is pretty self-explanatory.  I’ve since penned the first eight chapters of a full-length memoir about traveling through life.  Literally.  Traveling on trains and airplanes and in automobiles, and the experiences I encountered along the way.  I’m finding that my life’s been a lot more interesting than I thought.  It’s definitely time to try something new.