My most recent encounter with a computer virus has been going on since July 26th – yes, that’s almost a month – and we’re still not finished repairing the damage.   But one good thing has come out of it, which I’d like to share.

Watching McAfee and Microsoft work on my computer remotely for countless hours introduced me to ESET.  It’s Microsoft’s tool of choice for cleaning a computer of viruses and other infections when only the best will do.  It’s free and it’s thorough, and it runs on the internet.  Just click on the link and run it.

After McAfee scanned and cleaned my computer three times, Microsoft ran ESET, and it found and removed 28 infections that McAfee  missed.  My Microsoft friend in India recommends that everyone run ESET at least twice a month.

One reason ESET is more effective than McAfee or Norton is that you’re most likely to be infected by a virus that has just been released before a fix has been found.  The advantage of an online virus scanner like ESET is that it’s updated continuously when new infections are discovered, so there’s no delay, and no need to update a security system stored on your computer.  Personally, I’m keeping my Verizon/McAfee Security System, but I will run ESET regularly to supplement it.