America the Beautiful

Alan Zendell, February 23, 2017

Google Hitler and Trump, and you’ll be shocked at the number of websites that come up.  The articles that discuss Trump in relation to Hitler by no means agree with each other, but I think it’s significant that so many diverse people thought to make the comparison. Even Harry Potter chimed in, as a Twitter war erupted between his creator, J. K. Rowling and the British interviewer, Piers Morgan (

I made my own comparison shortly after Trump announced his candidacy for President. It seemed to me that he was running his campaign directly out of the Hitler playbook, otherwise known as Mein Kampf. I imagined I had originated that notion, but Hitler biographer Ron Rosenbaum used it prominently in the weeks after Trump’s inauguration (

That is not to suggest that Trump will govern like Hitler or that he aspires…

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