America the Beautiful

Alan Zendell, April 3, 2017

This evening, on her prime time news broadcast, Erin Burnett asked why Jared Kushner who has no experience in either government or diplomacy is doing the job of the Secretary of State in Iraq. It sounds like a fair question. Burnett has been accused of bias by both sides, a sure sign that she’s a journalist with integrity. While her resume looks like that of a prototypical Republican, she doesn’t wear her politics on her sleeve, and I’ve always found her hardnosed interviewing style fair and objective.

Jared Kushner is a pretty bright guy, no question about that. But I know of lot of very bright people who I wouldn’t trust to do jobs they’re not trained for. I’m a pretty bright guy too, but that doesn’t qualify me to lead a diplomatic mission to the Middle East, land an airliner in distress, or remove…

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