America the Beautiful

Gary Zendell, June 2, 2017

Gary Zendell is a former teacher who is now running his second successful small business. He didn’t have a political bone in his body until Donald Trump announced his candidacy. I know because I raised him. If you want to see how successful his business is, check out his restaurant, IsaBella Bistro, 4015 Avati Drive, San Diego, CA 92117

Let me sum up Trump’s pulling out of the Paris Accords for those of you who only watch Fox News.

“It strained those sectors [coal, steel, etc] of our economy.” – Fox News

TRANSLATION – It put pressure on those sectors of our economy to innovate and evolve. If we don’t do it, then who will? We created the micro chip, we made the internet, we made the first great automobile company and the first major airplane manufacturer. All those sectors of our economy were doing okay…

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