America the Beautiful

Alan Zendell, July 14, 2017

Remember all the talk during the campaign about whether success in managing a business translated to success in governing? Before Donald Trump won the nomination, the Republicans were the ones asking the question loudest. It was actually the most important question being raised, far more important than Trump’s morals or principles or business ethics, more important than whether he was a liar, a racist, or a mysoginist.

The notion of a pristine, highly moral, totally honest president is a fantasy out of a children’s book. Governing and politics are hard-nosed dirty enterprises, and our fantasy candidate, should he or she ever actually win would be an innocent lamb led to the slaughter. Our presidents have to be tough, and they can’t always tell the truth, but there are certain rules they must follow.

The country is learning, now, what many of us who’ve been involved…

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