Cindy Young-Turner

Today I have author Mark Willen joining me for an interview. Mark’s second novel, Hawke’s Return, recently came out, with another ethical dilemma for retired lawyer Jonas Hawke and new challenges for his family and friends in Beacon Junction, Vermont. It’s a great read and a timely one, as this time of year I am really missing the beauty of New England. Mark has a third book in the works for Jonas Hawke, and since he’s a member of my critique group I’ve had a sneak peek. You’ll also want to check out the first book in the series, Hawke’s Point, which looks like it’s only $.99 for Kindle right now!

Hawke's Return by [Willen, Mark]It’s his word against hers, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

When a teenager accuses a key official of a local charity of blackmailing her for sex—and then abruptly disappears—a mystery turns into a crisis, raising concerns about…

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